A Compliment to Surgery

If an alternative to surgery is no longer an option, microcurrent therapy is the fastest way to recover! By reducing pain and inflammation and speeding your body's ability to heal (through increased ATP production), this therapy guarantees to cut your recovery time in half -at the very least! This therapy is used by professional athletes time and time again to ensure they are back on the field ASAP, watch some of their stories of recovery. Not only will you recover faster, but you will have less need for expensive (and potentially habit forming) pain medications.

Microcurrent is also recommended BEFORE surgery to help optimize your surgical results. By receiving this therapy prior to surgery, your tissues will be healthier and less inflamed, and as such will tolerate suturing much better. That translates to less time in the OR and under anesthesia!


Pain Meds

The Best Alternative

An Alternative to Surgery

Many of our clients come in seeking alternatives to surgical intervention. Depending on the severity of your condition, microcurrent can help you avoid surgery altogether! We have provided our clients an alternative to lower back surgery, an alternative to knee replacement surgery, an alternative to shoulder surgery, as well as an alternative to painful cortisol injections. The microcurrents in our device are directed by the intelligent software to get into injured areas -whereas our body's own electric signals will take the path of least resistance and go around those areas- and speed the healing process at the cellular level! Learn how microcurrent does this on our Science page.

Pain Management without Pain Medication

Either with or without surgery, microcurrent therapy is still the #1 choice for alternative pain management. You will feel the difference after your very first session, and the results are cumulative! The more therapy sessions you have the less pain you will have to endure. Pain is most often the result of inflammation in the area of injury signaling the brain that something is wrong. Microcurrents significantly reduce inflammation in only 30 minutes of therapy. If you are looking for alternatives to pain medication for ANY reason, call us today to find out how microcurrent therapy can help you!

Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

For surgical prep and/or recovery, 3 sessions in the same week is ideal for best results. Please book online (Microcurrent Therapy as your service choice) by clicking here. Or simply call the office to schedule these kinds of sessions. Thank you!

$450 per Week