Why Choose Microcurrent?

- Live a Pain Free Life -

Microcurrent therapy provides a safe, drug-free approach for pain management as well as many other common health issues.

In light of the many harmful side-effects from prolonged pharmaceutical use, more and more patients are looking for natural options to treat pain. Chronic pain management and injury recovery are the two most common situations seen in our office. Every month new research is published citing the effective use of Electro-Medicine and therapies for a wide array of diseases and conditions. Electro-Medicine is the wave of the future! Click HERE to see recent research articles.

Here are a few of the many reasons our clients choose Microcurrent Therapy:

  • Targets the root cause, as opposed to just masking symptoms.
  • Non-invasive and has no side-effects.
  • Significantly reduces inflammation quickly.
  • It Works Fast!!

An Array of Services

Microcurrent Healing offers therapy options for a wide variety of health concerns. Although we work with many conditions, your care program will always be tailored to your specific needs and goals to help you attain physical and mental well-being in our caring, nurturing and supportive environment.

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Introducing Microcurrent Healing

Microcurrent Healing is San Diego's premiere alternative health clinic.

We offer microcurrent therapies, functional medicine and CBD products designed to alleviate a wide variety of both physical and neurological conditions, while pain management is our most frequently requested service.

Our mission is to support each of our clients in aligning their lifestyle, diet, and therapies with the natural and holistic rhythms of the human body. Just like a beautifully composed symphony, when all of the body's cells, tissues, and systems are biologically and electrically balanced, a splendid harmony will result!

Call us today to determine if microcurrent therapy and/or any of our natural medicines are right for you!

Call for a comprehensive consultation today to determine if microcurrent therapy, combined with the power of natural medicine, is right for you!