Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy

Everyone's first question is 'how long will this take?' And we can only answer with guesstimates and previous client examples. So take my 22 year old SDSU baseball pitcher who broke his knuckle (in his pitching hand) during spring training and was told he would probably not be able to pitch all season.  After 2-3 sessions each week he was pitching again 6 weeks post-surgery. Or my 75 year old pickleball player who strained his hamstring, and tried the RICE method for weeks before the unresolved pain brought him in to see me. He was back on the court after just 2 weeks of therapy.

Sports Injury & Chronic Pain Recovery

If you are searching for an alternative pain therapy option for a sports injury, lower back pain, or any other kind of holistic pain management option, Microcurrent Therapy is your answer!

Our main goal is to decrease pain and increase range of motion, on your very first visit! Our overall goal with this therapy is to speed your recovery to your body’s full potential. Generally a therapy plan consists of three, 50 minute microcurrent sessions each week for a few weeks depending on severity. These sessions have a cumulative effect, which in most cases leads to a full recovery. We will adjust our methods and protocols based on how your body responds in session as well as over the course of your treatment plan. No other pain therapy works along with the body's own healing abilities to speed up recovery time. Most other types of pain treatments simply mask the symptom.

For many patients 1 - 2 weeks of therapy are enough to for a full recovery, and the effects are permanent. However, depending on severity of condition or chronicity, more sessions may be necessary to see lasting results.


pain therapy

$450 per Week

Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

For pain therapy, 3 sessions in the same week is ideal for best results. Please book online (3 Microcurrent Therapy Sessions as your service choice) by clicking here. You will be able to book the first session online. Then we will call you to schedule the following 2 appointments.  Thank you!

If you prefer to try only one session you may book that as well, though the single session price is $179.00. Microcurrent therapy really does work best with a few, consecutive sessions. And we want you to get the very best results possible!

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In our "spa-like" San Diego clinic, we work with a wide variety of injuries, chronic pain and illnesses in both adults and children.

We can and will adjust our therapy program, session time, and methods based on your individual condition and health factors.

Such factors include age, dietary habits, chronic or acute ailments, lifestyle and so on.