Immediately Reduce Inflammation

And Increase Circulation and Cellular Respiration

By using the same electric frequencies our own nervous system uses to communicate with damaged/diseased areas.

Physical Conditions

When working with physical ailments, such as localized pain or an injury, therapy is primarily focused on the specifically-affected area of the body. The goal here is to help the damaged cells to heal themselves more effectively. This is done in several ways, but reducing inflammation is the first step.

Microcurrent has been scientifically shown to dramatically increase ATP production, which is the fuel cells use for energy and healing. It also helps to remove toxins and waste which build up inside damaged cells, by promoting the cells natural waste/toxin removal processes.

Cells have voltage-sensitive gates that are responsible for allowing particles to move inside or out of the cell. When a cell is injured or diseased, its ability to receive and respond to electrical signals is compromised and the electrical messages can be missed or blocked.


Microcurrent uses the same frequencies that our own nervous system uses, and is applied directly to the affected area, thereby ensuring that the damaged cells receive the signal to increase ATP production and open the cell membrane to allow nutrients in and wastes/toxins out.

Neurological Issues

Therapy for neurological issues centers around detoxifying the entire body as well as putting the mind in the proper ‘state’. Our brain operates at different wavelengths depending on what state we are in. When we are awake and alert, we are in the “beta” stage. When we are stressed or anxious, we are operating in the higher beta frequencies. When we are in a highly relaxed, meditative state, we are in “alpha”. When we are dreaming, we are in “theta”, and when we are in deep sleep, we are in “delta”. Microcurrent sessions help regulate these brainwave patterns by putting the brain into these states artificially, thus training the brain to independently transition into these states more easily and effectively.

For both physical and neurological conditions, inflammation is a major concern.

Current scientific research shows that chronic inflammation is often the root cause and target of treatment for many diseases.

There are over 2 million scholarly articles discussing inflammation’s role in causing and exacerbating various physical and mental diseases.
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Our technology has the ability to immediately reduce inflammation throughout your brain and entire body. See our Testimonials page for thermal imaging results.

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The Microcurrent Device

Microcurrent sessions are conducted using the Electro-Equiscope, which is the most advanced microcurrent device on the market.

It is equipped with 4 computers that scan the body for low-conductivity and adjust the output accordingly (authentic bio-feedback), making it the fastest, most effective treatment device available!

Microcurrent is delivered to the affected area of the body by placing small metal plates or probes on the skin’s surface.

Most patients report feeling only tiny ‘tapping’ as the current is administered. What makes our sessions so effective—at a 90% success rate—is our clinically proven protocols and the incredible bio-feedback system built into our device.

Our cutting-edge technology is an “in-put” as well as “out-put” device. What this means is that it not only transmits (“out-put”) electrical signals, but it also is able to detect and read (“in-put”) the electrical blockages caused by injury, disease, or toxins and then send a corrective signal until the injured area begins conducting electrical signals again. A technician (and patient) can actually see, by the biofeedback, when the electrical signals begin flowing without blockage. Thus the damaged, diseased and/or electrically blocked cells can be specifically targeted. As these cells begin to respond, they open up their cell membranes, enhancing nutrient intake and waste removal. ATP production is increased and all electrical blockages are removed. The body then gets back to work, healing itself at an accelerated rate. Read more about this amazing technology HERE.

Microcurrent therapy works where other treatments fail. Many other kinds of therapy treat the symptom – such as pain – rather than the actual problem.

Microcurrent therapy goes directly to the source, on the cellular level, where illness and injury originate.

Microcurrent therapy is non-drug, non-invasive and creates better and lasting results.

Scientific Research

Medical journal article discussing the incredible results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that showed better results for fibromyalgia patients than even medication.

Medical journal article discussing the many benefits of microcurrent therapy for pain and other physical ailments, which cites numerous supporting scientific studies.

A research study of the effects of cranial micro-electrical stimulation on attention and concentration.

Research literature review shows significant improvement in psychological conditions; just as effective, and often more effective, than SSRI medications.

The Patch Clamp technique finally verified the exact electric frequency to which cell membranes respond.