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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

The red-yellow colors indicate areas of inflammation, as well as areas the where these patients were experiencing pain….

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Bunion Patient

Bunion Patient

Notice the swelling in joints and toes. (Photographs taken at end of first session) This client maintained a very active…

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After having consulted different doctors, and completed multiple therapies unsuccessfully over a time span of three years, it was Microcurrent therapy that helped my Achilles tendons heal. Thank you, Rickie!

Lauren P.

Microcurrent therapy has been an amazing experience! I strongly recommend this kind of therapy for many reasons. The actual therapy is easy, simple, quick, painless, noninvasive and very conformable. It helped me not only with my weight control and also by keeping a focus and serene mental state on a very stressful and modern life style. I am able to reach a very peaceful mind status after every session. I feel like now I have better control of my mind and body’s health.

Elena R.

Swelling on left leg with blood clots is being noticeably reduced after 8 visits. My next appointment is Monday. Going everyday that I can go for electro equipscope visits. Plan on working on my right hip next week to help stamp out with severe osteo-arthritis and a bunch of bone spurs.

Chuck C.

We have taken our autistic son here twice, and he has had great results. His cognitive and speech have improved a lot. My husband and I noticed right away, but it was confirmed by his teach and speech therapist too. So, we will be returning again soon.

Stony C.

I absolutely love the benefits I receive from micro current therapy. I have had my hands worked on and saw reduced swelling and now experience less pain. I used it for an injury on my foot.. I again saw reduced swelling around the injury and feel it helped in healing time. I recommend microcurrent therapy for many issues concerning pain due to inflammation and arthritis.

Lee B.