How our device is dubbed the "non-surgical facelift"

Get ready for the ultimate facial experience! This is better than the HydraFacial, Clear+Brilliant, & Skin Needling (micro needling) all rolled into one incredible therapeutic protocol! Our medical-grade microcurrent device (the electro-equiscope) penetrates far beyond what conventional microcurrent and other devices are capable of. Our technology will stimulate ATP production (the fuel for cellular regeneration), and promote collagen renewal at the deepest levels of your skin and facial muscles, while pushing our therapeutic serums when they can have the greatest effect. It will also encourage FULL BODY detoxification through lymph flow and releases tension throughout your neck, face & body.  And no matter what they say water or needle cannot penetrate this deep either. Our non-invasive therapy can deliver just as drastic a transformation as risky, and repetitive botox / surgical treatments. This is why our microcurrent facial is called the ‘holistic, no-tox facelift’ by Hollywood celebrities and others who are lucky enough to have access to this remarkable technology. Come experience it for yourself!


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Not all microcurrent devices are created equal

Other spas use simplistic / handheld microcurrent devices… our device is the top-of-the-line unit that costs well over $30,000 and delivers FAR superior results. No other microcurrent facial comes close to achieving this level of lift and renewal!!



Facial Services

The ‘Facelift n Facial’

woman with lotion and cucumbers on her face

This 80 min experience will leave you pampered and revitalized, while energizing your skin into a youthful, healthy glow! First, our Premium Facial service will relax you and prepare your face to respond best to the ‘Facelift” protocol. With our organic product line, Hylunia, your skin will be pampered with organic, anti-inflammatory, sustainable, cruelty-free products. Read more about these incredible products below, under Premium Facials. Next, our microcurrent Facelift protocol will lift and tone your facial muscles, while simultaneously pushing the collagen and elastin-building serums into the deepest layers of your skin for amazing results!

  • Luxurious Cleanser
  • Exfoliation
  • Moisturizing Mask
  • Facial Massage
  • Therapeutic Serum
  • Microcurrent ‘Facelift’ Protocol

$270 or 3 for $730

🎁 ‘Tis the Season of Giving

Buy 3 Facelift n Facials and get one 50 min session (Facial OR Facelift) to gift to a friend! Their choice.

The ‘Facelift’

This 50 min experience will leave you relaxed, while microcurrents lift and tone your facial muscles and contour your face for amazing results!

  • Luxurious Cleanser
  • Microcurrent ‘Facelift’ Protocol
  • Moisturizer & Eye Serum


🎁 ‘Tis the Season of Giving

Buy 3 Facelift and get one FREE!

Series of 8

This is where the real magic happens! This package is designed to get you the ABSOLUTE BEST results possible as the lifting effects of our Facelift protocol are cumulative. This package generates surgical-like results when utilized as follows:

  • You’ll come in for 8 consecutive weeks
  • 1st session will be a Facelift n Facial
  • Followed by 3 weekly Facelift sessions
  • 5th session will be another Facelift n Facial
  • Followed by another 3 weeks of Facelifts

Afterwards, a maintenance program of one Facelift n Facial session every 3-5 weeks will keep your face ageless!


🎁 ‘Tis the Season of Giving

Buy the Series of 8 for yourself and get 2 FREE Facelift n Facials to give as gifts!

The Premium Facial

This luxurious experience will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to face the world with vibrant skin! We use the same collagen and elastin-boosting products to nourish your skin, though this session does not include the microcurrent modality (unless you have purchased the Facelift n Facial). We have a variety of add-ons for you to choose from to enhance and customize this already lavish experience. Choices are sub-bullets as follows: (Your esthetician will help you choose what options will be ideal for your unique skin concerns)

  • Luxurious Cleanser
  • Exfoliation
    • Vitamin C Peel
    • Papaya Enzyme
    • Grape Seed Scrub
    • Microdermabrasion (add’l charge may apply)
  • Therapeutic Mask
    • Clay
    • Antioxidant
    • Hyaluronic Cream
    • Ayurvedic Tamarind Chocolate (pictured)
    • Organic Aloe Vera with Green Tea
  • Mask Boosters (add’l charge may apply)
    • Green Tea, Amalaki, Brahmi Ginseng & Vitamin C
    • Detoxifying Seaweed
  • Daily Treatments
    • Intensive Eye Repair
    • Antioxidant Serum
    • Nourishing Oil
  • Neck, Scalp, & Facial Massage


(depending on options)

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