How our device is dubbed the "non-surgical facelift"

Get ready for the ultimate facial experience! This is better than the HydraFacial, Clear+Brilliant, Fraxel, & Skin Needling (micro needling) all rolled into one incredible therapeutic protocol! Our medical-grade microcurrent device (the electro-equiscope) penetrates far beyond what conventional microcurrent and other devices are capable of. Our technology stimulates cellular regeneration, and promotes new, healthy tissue-growth from the surface (thus fading dark spots and evening the complexion) all the way down to the deepest levels of your skin and facial muscles. Lasers will destroy the top-most layers of your skin, with generally one or two very specific wavelengths. Our Microcurrent device delivers 100's of various nano & pico sized frequencies that do not "destroy" anything. They speed up cellular regeneration (up to 500% times faster) rather than damaging your skin and waiting around for it to repair itself. And with it's intelligent tech, it is directing those frequencies to seek out areas of low response. (Like scar tissue, melasma, sun damage, inflammation, rosacea, acne, aging and damaged cells). Then it self-adjusts to deliver the EXACT frequency your cells need to respond and regenerate. Our non-invasive therapy can deliver just as drastic a transformation as risky, and repetitive botox / surgical treatments. This is why our microcurrent facial is called the ‘HOLISTIC, non-surgical facelift’ by those who are lucky enough to have access to this remarkable technology. Come experience it for yourself!


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Non-Surgical Facelift
Equiscope device

Not all microcurrent devices are created equal

Other spas use simplistic / handheld microcurrent devices… our device is the top-of-the-line unit that costs well over $40,000 and delivers FAR superior results. Those small devices emit 1 frequency at 3 or 4 different intensity levels. Our device can emit 100’s of different frequencies at 6 different intensity levels! And most importantly, our intelligent technology is reading the response from your own tissues and self-adjusting to deliver the EXACT frequency your cells need to respond and regenerate. That is why no other microcurrent facial comes close to achieving this level of lift and renewal!!


NuFace Device

Series of 8

This is where the real magic happens! This package is designed to get you the ABSOLUTE BEST results possible. Included in this package is support and personalized recommendations on your skin care products, oral supplements, diet, hydration, and other lifestyle factors that influence the health of your skin.  We’ve done all the research for you, so that you can simply follow this road map to youthful skin for years to come!  This package generates surgical-like results when you stick to our recommendations and keep to this schedule:

  • You’ll come in for 8 consecutive weeks
  • 1st session will be a Facelift n Facial
  • Followed by 3 weekly Facelift sessions
  • 5th session will be another Facelift n Facial
  • Followed by another 3 weeks of Facelifts

Afterwards, a maintenance program of one Facelift n Facial session every 4-6 weeks (in addition to all skin health recommendations) will keep your face ageless for YEARS!




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