An Actual Therapy for Concussions

More and more data continues to pour in about the danger of concussions and subconcussive injuries. And the potential for long-term effects exponentially increases with each new head trauma. Click here for a list of scholarly articles discussing these very serious side-effects such as difficulty concentrating and attending, working-memory impairment, and mood or personality changes.

Microcurrent Therapy offers a one-of-a-kind solution for reducing concussion recovery time. These tiny frequencies will reduce inflammation and help stabilize connectivity throughout the brain. Our concussion therapy program will consist of 60-minute therapy sessions, multiple days a week. However, depending on severity, you could be fully recovered in 1 - 2 weeks! Stop waiting for it to get better, call today to set up an appointment.

One free therapy session

Due to the frightening number of concussions reported each year, and the serious implications of this type of injury, Microcurrent Healing will provide one free therapy session to anyone who is diagnosed with a concussion.

Simply call to make an appointment and bring your concussion diagnosis (or medical release paperwork) with you.