Prices & Discounted Packages

Type / Session Price
Consultation / 60 minutes FREE
Single / 30 minutes $129
Weekly Plan / 3 Sessions $267
Additional Sessions for Weekly Plan Members $79 each (after first 3 sessions)

Given that the health industry standard-rate for these services is over $300 an hour, our prices cannot be beat! We do offer single 30-minute sessions at the individual rate of $129, but we always recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to obtain the most effective results for acute injuries/pain.

Chronic pain, surgery prevention, and mental health issues typically see optimal results after a number of weeks at the 3x a week therapy schedule. We understand that each patient is different, and we assess your results frequently and adjust as needed. If you have a question about how much microcurrent will cost for your specific situation don't hesitate to call us.

The 'pay as you go’ rate at $129 each 30 minute therapy session is most often NOT our recommendation, as it is difficult to achieve a positive result with less than 3 sessions a week. Microcurrent therapy simply works best with 3 or more sessions in a week. Therefor the $267 weekly plan - which covers three sessions - is recommended to everyone. But bear in mind that on this plan the price is $267 whether you come in 1, 2, or 3 times. Thus the incentive is built into the price in order to motivate clients to do 3 sessions each week. If you can do more than 3 in a single week, that’s great and the extras are billed at $79 each.

Microcurrent Healing has partnered with Health Care Direct to offer up to 18 months of financing!! Meaning you can make one, low monthly payment (as low as $200*) and still receive therapy at the recommended intensive 3x a week schedule. Please call our office for more details.