Pricing & Discounted Packages

Pain/Injury/Mental Health Price
Appointment Deposit $20
Single / 50 minutes $199
Weekly Plan / 3 Sessions $450
Microcurrent Facial Servies Price
Appointment Deposit $20
Microcurrent 'Facelift n Facial'/ 80 minutes $270**
Microcurrent 'Facelift'/ 50 minutes $210**
Premium Facial/ 50 minutes $155**
Microcurrent 'Facelift n Facial'/ Series of 3 $730**
Microcurrent 'Facelift n Facial'/ Series of 8 $1530**

  **An 18% gratuity is common practice for Facial Sessions. Thank You

Pain & Injury Recovery

Given that the health industry standard-rate for these services is over $300 an hour, our pricing cannot be beat! We do offer single 50-minute sessions at the individual rate of $199, but we always recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to see effective results for acute injuries/pain and mental wellness.

However chronic pain, surgery prevention, and mental health issues typically see optimal results after a few weeks at the 3x a week therapy schedule. We understand that each patient is different, and we assess your results frequently and adjust as needed. Do not hesitate to call us if you would like to discuss estimated costs for your specific situation.

Facials & Facelifts

Our Facial Treatments are a little different in that we recommend a series of 8 sessions, 1 each week, to achieve your best results. Then, depending on your skin's unique situation, your age, and your goals we will make maintenance recommendations. However, a once a month regimen is most often recommended for those over 40 wishing to maintain ageless skin!

**The 18% gratuity is suggested as a beauty industry standard practice for Facial sessions only. But you are welcome to tip your provider more if you feel they provide an "above & beyond" level of service. Thank you!

Appointment Deposits

Microcurrent Healing requires a $20 appointment deposit for all types of therapy sessions/facials that are booked online by new customers. This payment will be added as a credit towards the total cost of your treatment/service when you come into the clinic/spa.

However once you are an established client here at Microcurrent Healing, your online or phone-call booked appointments will be approved immediately and will no longer require a $20 deposit.


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