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Bunion Patient

Before Microcurrent
Notice the swelling in joints and toes. (Photographs taken at end of first session)

After 9 Therapy Sessions
This client maintained a very active lifestyle, including tennis and hiking 5-6 days a week, throughout the duration of her therapy program. Results were maintained long-term.*

*Individual results may vary.

Thermal Imaging

Before Microcurrent
The red-yellow colors indicate areas of inflammation, as well as areas the where these patients were experiencing pain.

After a 30 Minute Session
You can immediately see the decrease in inflammation thanks to these thermal imaging scans!*

*Individual results may vary.

Testaments of Healing


Valerie found herself at 60 years old, with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and escalating allergies, asthma, and food sensitivities. As the single parent of an adult child with severe disabilities, she was very concerned about her failing health. Through the detoxification and health-promoting effects of a 3-month microcurrent therapy program, her fibromyalgia pain was alleviated, allergies and asthma symptoms decreased, her use of prescription and OTC medications discontinued, and she was able to add walking back into her daily routine! She continued with regular maintenance sessions, throughout the following months as she altered both her diet and lifestyle. All of these efforts combined, put her on a path towards healing and hope for a long and healthy life! To read a supporting research study of microcurrent therapy as an effective treatment for fibromyalgia click here.


After months of chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain meds, and no relief, Jim wanted nothing more that to be able to ride his motorcycle without shoulder pain. Due to his inability to raise his arm, let alone maintain the strength to grip the handle bar, he feared his riding days were over. After a month of microcurrent therapy, Jim was able to take his first ride in close to a year! Not only was Jim able to resume his regular riding activities, he was able to avoid the surgery that all his doctors had been suggesting was his ONLY other option.

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